About Us

For yourself or for a loved one, for now or for later, in French or in English, du Baume au Coeur is there to support you anywhere you might need us, in France and more specifically in Plérin (near Saint-Brieuc, in the Côtes d’Armor in Brittany), 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Funeral Services du Baume au Coeur

Funeral Services du Baume au Coeur

My father passed away on the 1st of January 2018. He was english and died in England. Thanks to A natural undertaking, a lovely funeral company in Birmingham, we’ve honored his last wishes : an ecological burial.  That inspired me !
Now I want to offer in France what I’ve received in England : human warmth, lightness and appeasement.

At any moment in life, du Baume au Coeur supports you in your reflection and helps you
anticipate and organize eco-friendly funerals, respectful of Humans and Nature.

  • You can come to meetings to familiarize with the topic of death.
  • We accompagny you preparing the guide of your last wishes for your loved one’s to know what to do when the time comes.
  • We help you organising (éco-friendly) funerals of your loved one’s right before or after
    their death, to pay tribute to them in a way that truly represents who they were.
Funeral Services

Funeral Services

For a ceremony reflecting each individual, du Baume au Coeur supports you by helping you plan every step of the funeral process, facilitating informed decisions while respecting your personal wishes.

Eco-Responsible Funeral Services (Local)

  • Immediate support upon learning of a loved one’s passing.
  • Emphasis on responsiveness and allowing time for reflection.
  • Assistance in navigating funeral options and decision-making.
  • Prioritization of ceremony preparation to honor the departed’s life.

Funeral Services

  • Adherence to funeral regulations for quality services.
  • Services include transportation, administrative coordination, body preparation, access to many funeral homes, ceremony preparation.
  • Personalization options encouraged within legal constraints.

Funeral Planner (Remote)

  • Services extended to distant areas, ensuring professional and trustworthy assistance, wherever you are.
  • Coordination with local professionals sharing du Baume au Coeur’s values.
  • Single-point contact for remote funeral arrangements.
  • Continuous availability via phone throughout the process.
Personalized tribute

Personalized tribute

To help people to say goodbye to a loved one, I propose nice things to personalise the tribute : 
  • a booklet like in England. We can print pictures on it, the course of the ceremony, the lyrics of the songs, anecdotes, quotes… 
  • butterflies in origami,
  • a song written just for the deceased person,
  • flowers in a pot so the family can take one and plant it as a link with the person
⚠️ Mind the delay : in France, the law allows only 6 days* between the death and the funerals! *excluding Sundays and public holidays



  • du Baume au Coeur aims to alleviate, facilitate, and bring comfort to you and your loved ones through exchanges about life and death.
  • Guidance on addressing end-of-life preferences, providing peace of mind for individuals who seek our services and their loved ones.
  • Tailored support to organize, ensure personalization, and assist loved ones in decision-making.


  • Regular thematic workshops to familiarize yourself and your loved ones with death and funerals. Topics include the purpose of funerals, DIY funerals, and ways to pay homage, for instance.
  • Opportunities to share experiences and ideas, fostering a supportive community.


  • We answer your general inquiries for free.
  • Personalized consultations available for specific situations.
After the Funeral

After the Funeral

Memorial Ceremony

  • du Baume au Coeur organizes memorial ceremonies for anniversaries or missed funerals. Our wish is to offer a safe and beautiful space for remembrance.

Continued Support

  • du Baume au Coeur remains available post-funeral by providing you assistance and recommendations for practical, psychological, and emotional needs.
24h/24 - 7j/7